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On this day 3 years ago, I posted my first vid ever. I think it's a good time to introspect and (finally) answer Lum's vidding questions!

Is there an empty space that it fills, or is it just a marvelous extra in your life?

I'm looking at this question in two ways.

- In terms of the kind of outlet it provides: Yes, there is, in that that it's the perfect expression of my love for a show/character/plot, my need to communicate my views and feelings through storytelling and emotional connection, and -- more shallow but no less important -- my overwhelming glee when I'm playing with music and visuals *together*.

- In terms of the activity itself, as part of life: It used to fill more space than it does now. Vidding to me started out as a crazy obsessive ride, and in the last year or so it's been about finding a healthier balance with other aspects of life. I've made progress here, but I'm still learning.

What do you learn from watching other vids, or do you learn anything?

I learn too many things to mention here, but for now I'm thinking, for example, storytelling as it interacts with cutting style. I think the relations among aspects of vidding are more interesting than the components themselves. It's more personal, too.

Do you think that vidders put a piece of themselves into their work?

Absolutely. As an artistic expression, you can't not infuse parts of yourself in your creation. Even cognitively, I see vidding as a series of decisions. These decisions are affected by things that make each vidder unique -- vision, life experiences, sensitivity to aspects of audio and visual, etc. It's beyond anything I can wrap my head around, which is what makes it cool.

Or do you think it's just a sort of technical exercise or something in between?

Sometimes it can be, depending on the intent, but I suspect it's rare. [livejournal.com profile] sdwolfpup's first IVP year comes to mind, where she focused mostly on getting acquainted with FCP. None of her vidlets that year was ever *just* a display of technique, though, because that's the kind of thoughtful and emotionally-in-touch vidder she is. So yeah, among the vids I'm exposed to, it's rare. Unless the vidder picks every clip blindfolded and *then* fiddle with tech, or something, I don't believe vidding can be purely a technical exercise.

Can you draw the line in what you can teach a person re vidding and what has to just come from within that person?

You can teach some things explicitly, (e.g., the infamous "cut to the beat" lesson), and you can also teach some things implicitly (e.g., sensing rhythm by watching examples of vids with good pacing). When I was starting out, I would be watching a ton of [livejournal.com profile] sisabet's, [livejournal.com profile] sockkpuppett's, and [livejournal.com profile] heresluck's vids, to name a few, and felt like they were teaching me things through the vids without having an actual conversation with me. These formative lessons, I don't think I can articulate to this day! I believe it matters *when* we're absorbing these lessons, in terms of where we are in establishing our vidder identity. It's not unlike the critical period for language acquisition! [/nerd]

Then there are things you're unlikely to teach a person, like interest and motivation, degree of perfectionism (I think we can all agree that good vidders have at least *some* perfectionistic tendencies), and more specific things like original insight into a character/show.

Do you think that vidding illuminates anything about you TO you?

Most of the things I've discovered about myself through vidding are not surprising, like the desire to emotionally connect to the audience, the need to be anal about timing, etc. Other things, like what's a good way to structure a vid, how to put myself in a viewer's place to unfold a story clearly, and other conceptual articulation-type stuff, was a more conscious learning process.

Have you ever been pimped into a fandom by watching a vid? Elaborate?

Usually it's not just one vid, but a combination of good vids and enthusiasm and talk about the show. Vids got me into Buffy and Angel, for sure. But sometimes a single vid is enough to tell me I would like the show, and so I'm pimped right away. I thank "Window of Opportunity" for giving me Wonderfalls.

Have you ever had a vid "made to order?" How did you feel about it once it was finished? Was it anything like what you wanted or expected?

Hmm, no I haven't! I ordered some vidlets for IVPs, and I'm still waiting. Patiently. ::smiles non-threateningly at [livejournal.com profile] dualbunny and [livejournal.com profile] sweetestdrain::

What are your favorite types of vids? Universe vids? Arguments? Lyrical? Mood pieces? AU's? Something else?

Except for far-fetched AUs, which I don't tend to like, the type doesn't really matter to me as long as it's well presented. To me that means the vidder has to at least *look* like they know what they're saying. Vids that work for me tend to be articulate and concise, emotionally affecting, and sharply edited.

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Date: 2007-02-22 06:36 pm (UTC)
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I can't imagine falling in love with a show faster than I did. TWO MINUTES IN!!

Yay nerds!

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