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Date: 2009-01-11 07:28 am (UTC)
Oh, this makes me tear up. It captures all of the character growth and the energy and the movement of Slings & Arrows, and that amazing, reckless, 'this is going forward and nothing can stop it' feel of a really good theatre production. It made me miss doing theatre, as much or more than the show itself did.

The song you used for it is perfect, and hearing it afterward in another context I was surprised to realize it wasn't overtly about theatre. *laughs*

I really liked how you juxtaposed the twin struggles of Geoffrey vs. Oliver as director, and of Jack vs. the Geoffrey of before as Hamlet - two people that aren't actually there anymore, but still have such a strong presence.

The slow pan across Geoffrey's desk on the 'ooh' at 0:39-42, leading to the slow pan across the reading table and to Oliver's copy of Hamlet 0:48-0:53, is a great moment of reflective stillness before the pace and energy picks up.

I keep watching it to find things to timestamp and getting caught up in the emotion again! Those first 'the truth in one free afternoon' lines, where Geoffrey really sees Hamlet in Jack and gives that little proud smile, are wonderful.

0:19-0:20, I love the internal motion of Jack kind of flailing around in stage combat on "It still won't work."

2:30 on, those shots of the audience watching raptly and Maria pushing the dial on the sound board up as the energy rises is great.

Really, I just adore this. It's a really, really wonderful tribute to the first season of Slings & Arrows, and the music and cutting and tone are just so right. It's struggle and grief all leading to that great, uplifting success at the end, and then finally being able to bury/let go of the past. I'm so pleased that a vid like this was made for the show. Thank you for sharing it!
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