Nov. 11th, 2006

f1renze: (never was afraid to sing out loud)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my one and only trout, [ profile] sweetestdrain!! You know how much I think you're incredible and amazing and I love you to death?? Yeah, you know. HAVE A FANTASTIC DAY, SWEETHEART!!

In other news, went to see Ok Go last night and OMG FUCKING AWESOME. The venue (which was just a few blocks from me! Chicago :X:X:X) wasn't very big, but they took it seriously. They opened with "The House Wins" which normally isn't a favorite of mine, but somehow it was exponentially more fun live. Towards the middle of the show, the band moved to the center of the audience and we got to see them play "A Million Ways" and "What To Do" only 5 feet away from us, on an adorable trampoline-like thing. Other awesome performances include, well, just about everything -- "Television Television," "A Good Idea At The Time," "It's A Disaster," "Invincible"... just, wheee!! They played "Do What You Want" during encore and I thought that was the last, until suddenly they're like, we're not quite done. They then switched the (totally neat) pattern-flipping background to a picture of their BACKYARD, dropped their instruments, and danced the "A Million Ways" routine!

It was so satisfying.

Just before the band played, though, this dude came up on stage and said that he was thankful that the band was letting him do this. He called his girlfriend on stage, professed his love to her, went down on his knee and proposed to her. I was all, aww, what a sweet thing and an awesome event to do this at. But then THE GIRL SHOOK HER HEAD AND RAN DOWN THE STAIRS AND ALL THE WAY OUTSIDE. Dude chased her down and they disappeared.

I can't decide if it's an act, which B seems to think it was. If it were an act, wouldn't they have made it clearer instead of leaving people like me all TRAUMATIZED, mere seconds before the show??

Anyway. In puppy news, the puppy is perfect. ::overwhelmed with love::

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