Feb. 18th, 2007


Feb. 18th, 2007 09:59 am
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VividCon 2007 registration opens in 2 hours!!

Oh god. How did time go by so fast?

Also, hi. I haven't posted in over 3 months, and I don't know how that happened, either. But I'm doing well!

Um, what's been going on...

- I got into a car accident and it could've been bad (it certainly was for the other car and driver), but I was fine. Everything's settled and life moves on.

- There was a health scare involving my father at home and I never felt so scared. But he's now home from the hospital and recovering.

- Work has been stressful and exciting at the same time. Mostly it's been demanding a lot of Overcoming Fear out of me, but for the first time, I'm not running away (yet).

- My puppy's 6 months now and I'm still in denial that he no longer fits in my boyfriend's hand. This remains my favorite picture of him (the puppy, not the boyfriend).

- Speaking of the BF, though -- things are so good, I sometimes can't believe it. We talk a lot about pursuing things together, both personally and professionally, and the compatibility is unbelievable and we can't get enough of each other and just -- I got lucky with this one.

That's it! I gotta run off to brunch if I want to make it in time for VividCon Season kickoff, OMG!! VVC 2006 sold out in about 5 hours, so. Aaaaah!!

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