Jun. 25th, 2008

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So... I won't be able to attend VividCon this year. I have officially cancelled my attending membership. It's so hard to believe. It's the first VVC I have to miss since 2004, since I first started vidding. But my new appointment starts August 11th and classes start August 18th. I have orientations and faculty meetings all of that first week until the Friday of VVC, and even though I plan to be as prepared as I can be for the start of the semester, I fully expect lots of last-minute things to pop up. Everyone says that the first few years of being on tenure-track is absolutely insane, and I really believe them. There's no such thing as being prepared. But still... I guess I just want to feel like I'm starting on the right foot.

The moving preparations are going pretty well. We found the perfect place in Atlanta. It's in our favorite neighborhood and it has everything we need and want. We then had to find new tenants to take over the rest of our current lease. But after the initial manic rush to make the place presentable, it was easy. The first people to see this place wanted it, and they just signed the lease. We have now researched moving companies and decided on one that seems really good. You never know with movers, but I think we did pretty well. We've also sold, donated, and thrown out so much of our stuff. Our storage is completely empty. We've even started packing! The move is two weeks away, and I think we'll be okay.

I am so going to miss VividCon this year. Every vid show, every panel, every drop of glitter, and every Joxer step. Have a drink for me.

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