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Hi all. Guess what.

I'm engaged!

We're in Manchester, England right now spending the holidays with B's family. We got here on Tuesday and it's been great -- we all get along and I just really enjoy everyone. We went to London on Wednesday because I had to get a visa at the US embassy there, but B surprised me with a night's stay in London. That night he took me to dinner at a very nice Indian place. I had a really good king prawn coconut curry thing and OMG, yum. That night I got my first really good night's sleep since we got here, so the next day I felt especially good and fresh. We had the best day in London on Thursday, which included going to Westminster Abbey (I had never been inside before), and it was just, wow, amazing. Then we went to Victoria Palace Theatre and saw Billy Elliot! I love it so much, I don't even have the words.

After Billy we hung out some more in the city, went to pubs and stuff and had more fun. At the end of the night, we started heading back to the train. While we were walking and talking and just having the best time, we shared this really nice moment... and B proposed. I said yes, of course. It all just felt so natural, so right. The ring is cute and so sparkly! It's simple and not too big, which is great, and doesn't look like everyone else's ring. He got it in Chicago at Tiffany's and probably spent more than he should. So sweet :)

Our wedding will be in the summer of 2010, in Bali.

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